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      My son has completed the workbook but it will not save. he lost everything once and reentered it and now we are trying to “save as” since the “save” caused him to lose everything and it keeps erroring out with “unable to save document. bad file handle”. we also get an error when we try to email it…which he will have to do eventually as he is only allowed to send an electronic file…no paper. Anyone else have this issue? We are super frustrated with this form.

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      This is not an uncommon problem, and I’ve been told different reasons why. The most common is there is a file size limit and by exceeding it you can’t save the file. We allow scouts to can’t save the file to print out a copy instead. Once it is printed, the scout can then scan the document and create his own .pdf file that is easily saved.

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      Sometimes the issue is filling out the PDF file from inside the browser window. I’ve found it to be a common problem with BSA PDF’s that if you open it from the website in a browser window, any data you type will print but will not save. If you save the file to your computer and open it within Adobe Reader it will be more likely to save. At least that is the most common issue I’ve run into with BSA fillable PDF forms in the past.

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      Todd Tracy

      Seriously? Isn’t it hard enough for scouts to do their Eagle projects without presenting them with this issue? Or is this on purpose to filter out the weak-willed?

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      David M

      It’s truly astonishing how terrible the Eagle pdf file is. My son has entered it three times with random parts dissapearing, pictures no longer attach and a bizarre inability to enter or even delete text. C’mon BSA, your whacky form shouldn’t be an obstacle to the finish line.

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      Brad Neal

      We’re also having problems with the form. When we download it, then try to open it, we get a message saying we need a “later version” of Reader…but we’re using “DC”; the latest version. And we have several other frustrating problems. Some of it may be out computer, but I second the sentiment that we don’t need to add problems to the quest for Eagle.

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      Adam Lindenlaub

      The Eagle Scout Workbook pdf is an epic fail. Pure and simple, unadulterated fail. I work with pdf’s extensively and I have never come across a format that works so fantastically poorly. The level of frustration we have experienced trying to use this is immeasurable. It has caused needless hours of additional time simply trying to save and more importantly being able to send it as an attachment.

      I’m now trying to do a work around by exporting it to a Word document and then save it back as a pdf. It’s not going very well. I really don’t think you should have to be a computer programmer or an Adobe professional in order to use what should be a simple tool for completing the Eagle Scout process.

      I am absolutely dumbfounded at how badly this workbook behaves. If you’re going to force every Scout to use this in order to attain Eagle, it needs to go through a much more extensive vetting process.

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      Hal Keene

      I totally agree with the posts on this site as to how tremendously poor this workbook site is . I am a scoutmaster and have had three scouts send their workbooks this week. Still cannot open a one of them. Currently on the fourth evening of trying to figure out this piece of garbage. Frustrated would be an understatement at this point. I am not a computer programmer or microsoft engineer by any stretch but can usually get by pretty well. It is unbelievable to me that with todays technology that this is the best BSA can come up with. How do we explain to these young men who are gloriously excited to reach this milestone in scouting (and want to ask daily if their project is approved) that there is some sort of glitch in the system and we can’t even open the dang file! I have six more workbooks coming in the next couple months so this is going to get even more frustrating. Maybe we just tell all scouts and parents to call your district, council, and national offices, daily, until this gets fixed. Hate to vent but this is beyond ridiculous, as a scoutmaster its downright embarrassing and shameful. Come on BSA, we can do better than this. Hire a teenager who can fix it!

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      Kristian Wang

      I have found that the form needs to be downloaded to my computer and saved. Then I can open the file directly from the computer. The biggest problem here is that the files will only open in the Internet Explorer browser. I cannot make it open in Chrome, Edge, or on my Apple phone.

      I have resorted to using my saved file and opening at my work where I have IE. I then print a copy to give to the boys because none of them can open it either.

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      Matt Hardy

      Having just helped my son deal with this PDF file, I can share the frustration. He originally opened the PDF file in a web browser using the Adobe plug in, this does not allow you to save the file. Lessons number one: always use the Adobe program and not the web browser.

      He then did his Eagle Scout project and wrote everything up. Two problems. First, the PDF file does not allow you to write a narrative about the project and insert pictures and tables as evidence/support. It is too restrictive in terms of formatting and content as well as ‘spoon feeding’ the questions to the scout. He had lots of pictures, tables, plans, etc. and the only he could include these is to say “Please See Exhibit XXX”. The version of the PDF file we have does not allow you to insert, extract or delete pages. So, I had to show him how to create a second PDF file with his exhibits. Lesson number two: know someone who understands the program because that will be the hurdle, nothing to do with your actual project.

      Second, the PDF file is not printing out all the pages. There are 29 pages in his report and pages 27, 28 and 29 (27 being the important one requiring signatures) WOULD NOT PRINT. I had to bring it into my office this morning and get one of our graphic designers to get it printed. I don’t know what the problem is with it. Lesson number three: have a back-up plan to get your stuff printed.

      I showed my son the report I prepared for my Eagle Scout project back in 1990 and how it was a report: Introduction, Overview,Plan, Summary of What Happened, Conclusion, etc. It was in narrative form and I had pictures and tables in each section as needed that I could refer to (As seen in the picture below, Johnny, Timmy and Billy helped big the holes…). BSA needs to do away with the PDF file for the proposal, plan and report and go back to providing guidelines about what sections/content should be in it and let the scout use whatever program is most useful to them.

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      Craig Chandler

      Can’t open on either iPhone, iPad or android

      Borrowed A Windows 10 PC and entered all information but it won’t save. Luckily My son printed everything before losing three nights of work!!!

      But he has to re-enter everything

      What a mess!!!

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      Judy Birgen

      I find it surprising that the first comments were made in June of 2018 and here it is, April of 2019 and the problem is still the same. My Scout has started the Eagle workbook at least half a dozen times and every time it disappears. We finally found an online PDF version that we can download and fill out.

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      Phu D Hoang

      My son and I are experiencing the same frustration. The BSA team obviously have not tested this flow to understand what it is putting the boys through. My son had some issues downloading and installing the Reader from the Adobe sight. We finally managed to get it to work on my computer. He filled out the workbook, and now he needs to save it as a read-only PDF to email to his scout master and benefactor. There is no way to do this. Sending the original PDF does not work, as they are not able to open it. No matter what we tried, we cannot get it to generate a normal PDF file. We are on our 4th day of trying to find a way to get this to work.

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      It would be so much simpler if it were a web app. Maybe the guys at scoutbook.com could whip that up real quick?

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      UGH! Garbage.

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      This is a very annoying issue. I have spent hours trying to save a copy of my file. Everytime I attempt to save the file, my app just freezes. I don’t know why they made the editor using Acrobat reader instead of Acrobat Pro

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      Chip Haerr

      I love the message “If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document”

      Ensured I have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (Continuous Release | Version 2019.012.20036).

      How long must I wait. This is ridiculous.

      Just give me a “Right Click > Save As” action and I can likely do it but I can’t even get that! 2 Computers, no luck. 30 minutes, no luck.

      I don’t care that I can’t save the PDF after entering data, I can solve that problem, but I can’t even get the file downloaded to even open it.

      And don’t tell me to run off my virus protection, as a Scout is Prepared!

      This should be renamed the “Eagle Scout Preventer Handbook”

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      I just got off the phone with BSA member care. The representative I spoke with advised me to open the Scouting.org website in Internet Explorer. Once I opened the website in IE everything worked perfectly. I was able to download in Adobe, Open in adobe, save and print.

      Hope this helps others.

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      Does anyone have advice for inserting electronic signatures into the document? I can’t get this 10MB document to open in “Preview” or “Adobe Document Cloud” which is where I usually add my signature. I’m on a mac, do I need to open it on a PC?

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