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    My son has completed the workbook but it will not save. he lost everything once and reentered it and now we are trying to “save as” since the “save” caused him to lose everything and it keeps erroring out with “unable to save document. bad file handle”. we also get an error when we try to email it…which he will have to do eventually as he is only allowed to send an electronic file…no paper. Anyone else have this issue? We are super frustrated with this form.

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    This is not an uncommon problem, and I’ve been told different reasons why. The most common is there is a file size limit and by exceeding it you can’t save the file. We allow scouts to can’t save the file to print out a copy instead. Once it is printed, the scout can then scan the document and create his own .pdf file that is easily saved.

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    Sometimes the issue is filling out the PDF file from inside the browser window. I’ve found it to be a common problem with BSA PDF’s that if you open it from the website in a browser window, any data you type will print but will not save. If you save the file to your computer and open it within Adobe Reader it will be more likely to save. At least that is the most common issue I’ve run into with BSA fillable PDF forms in the past.

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    Todd Tracy

    Seriously? Isn’t it hard enough for scouts to do their Eagle projects without presenting them with this issue? Or is this on purpose to filter out the weak-willed?

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    David M

    It’s truly astonishing how terrible the Eagle pdf file is. My son has entered it three times with random parts dissapearing, pictures no longer attach and a bizarre inability to enter or even delete text. C’mon BSA, your whacky form shouldn’t be an obstacle to the finish line.

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    Brad Neal

    We’re also having problems with the form. When we download it, then try to open it, we get a message saying we need a “later version” of Reader…but we’re using “DC”; the latest version. And we have several other frustrating problems. Some of it may be out computer, but I second the sentiment that we don’t need to add problems to the quest for Eagle.

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