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    What specific steps are your packs taking to prepare for 2015?

    Are you transitioning to the new oath/law this fall or waiting a year?

    Hoarding beltloops?

    Will you need to make financial adjustments?

    Defying the change for webelos and letting them finish the program by hell or high water?

    What have you told parents and less-tuned in leaders? When will you break it to them and how?

    Have you reached out to third parties like museums that cater to scouts to collaborate on changes they’ll need to make to keep up?

    Do you plan to go crazy with belt loops this year as one last hurrah?

    This isn’t a discussion so much about the substance of the changes, more about what practical steps units are taking to prepare for and roll out change. It’s going to be an interesting two years and I’m sure every pack will handle it slightly differently.

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    Deaf Scouter

    I waited to teach my Cub Scouts the Scout Oath and Law since we were a new unit and I knew that the change was coming and deaf-initely happening. The long run its made things so much easier and less time consuming learning and re-learning. It also helps on leader transition back and forth between two programs when they are the same. I can’t tell ya how many time I messed up saying the wrong one for the wrong program, especially Boy Scout at Cub Scout.

    For practical changes, I’m not anxious at all and taking it slowly. Right now I see the biggest need is ‘correct’ ASL videos for the different requirements where ASL is mentioned. Already on board to help the teams by making them for them. There is too many other there on places like youtube, personal blogs and etc done by well meaning Scouts and Scouters that are totally incorrect. Pure ASL actually has ‘less’ signs and is loads easier to learn once you understand the word order, syntax and grammar.

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    JAH Dad

    For the most part, I envision that this year will be pretty much like any other year. We won’t start using the Scout Oath and Law yet because the Cub Promise and Law are still required until next year. We won’t make any special emphasis on the belt loops beyond normal. For us, the biggest impact will be because of birthdays. Our pack goes by age, not school year. So when the transistion comes next year, I don’t want to have a boy that is left with just 8 weeks to do a whole ton of the new requirements. So I’ll be making a big push to get those boys who have birthday’s near the changeover time to earn their ranks early.

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    Brian Zollweg

    Our Scout Day Camp this Summer already began teaching the boys the Boy Scout Law and Oath. We are doing some extra beltloop activities for the boys that really wanted to work towards some of those.

    I enjoy seeing what others are doing – thanks for sharing.

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    Deaf Scouter

    Waiting for the 2015 changes. I had originally planned to make American Sign Language (ASL) videos of the Cub Scout handbooks but then heard about the program changes so putting the idea off until after the rollout notices and the official publications releases.

    Many think ASL is English in sign language which is a common misconception. ASL is another language like Spanish, German, Russian and etc. that has its own syntax and grammar rules that do not follow the English word order or rules. ASL has no written language but rather is a visual language. Having an ASL version of the Cub Scout handbook is a ‘helpful’ tool for some leaders and parents whose first language is ASL.

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    billy s allen

    Hi Deaf Scouter,
    I know this message is over 2 years old. We are Deaf parents of two CODA boys, I’ve been “observing” but not engaging in to scouting with my boys the past few years. Quite frankly, I feel useless and not being able to be a competent father to our boys while they do the scouting stuff.
    So, if there are any ways or tools, supports a Deafie can engage as a parent, heck i would not mind being a leader provided I get a little support to nudge me in the right way. Your wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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