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      Janice Atsumi

      Dear Bryan,

      I read your article about permission slips but it did not say how long the troop must keep them for after the activity/outing has been completed. Can they be kept digitally if scanned and stored on a flashdrive or other storage device or do we need to keep the original signed copy?

      Please reply . Thank you!! J.Atsumi

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      Interesting question.

      I always understood them to be only necessary for the trip itself. Once the scout returns from the trip healthy and happy, the permission slip will have fulfilled its purpose. It is basically a confirmation that any of the youth in your charge are rightly traveling with you.

      As a practical matter, I keep them with my crew’s records for about a year. Sometimes a parent or scout includes contact information that I could use later. I suppose the slips could be used to tally completed camping nights, but in my units I try to make that the youth’s responsibility.

      Note that this article is four years old and a few things have changed. Mainly troops no longer have to file tour plans. I don’t know if that means the Activity Consent Form is more or less important than it was in the past.

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