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      Bryan Bell

      WAGGGS WOSM Stronger together
      During the past three years, the leadership of WAGGGS and WOSM have been undertaking a fruitful dialogue and collaboration. Following the good discussions held in the WAGGGS-WOSM Consultative Committee, there have been many opportunities for us to work together in terms of influencing decision makers, participation in youth events, celebration of World Thinking Day on 22 February and exchange of resources and materials. All this has been done in a very positive and friendly spirit between two organisations who share so many elements of their history.

      We are often asked about the relationship between our two great organisations. We are making this joint statement between WAGGGS and WOSM now to explain the importance of the work that we do – both as individual organisations and collaboratively as the global Guide and Scout Movement – for all young people, everywhere.

      It is with great pleasure that we now share a joint statement, which sets out our combined vision for working together in the future. Through this joint statement, we renew our commitment towards empowering young men and women through our unique type of non-formal education, setting them up with life skills that will help them to face current and future realities. And we hope to provide a framework for collaboration not only between the two world organisations, but also between the national associations they represent – in a way that respects our differences and the particular contexts in which we operate.

      In the coming years, as partners, we will continue to work together closely while respecting our diversity to advocate and promote peace, active citizenship, volunteering and sustainable development for young people around the world. Because by working together, we can be a stronger force for young women and men everywhere.

      It has been our great pleasure to serve our inspiring organisations in our current roles over recent years. As we prepare to pass the baton on to the next team, we feel great hope and optimism for the role that young people everywhere can play in building a better world.

      Thank you for all your support, we wish you all the best for the future.

      Yours in Guiding and Scouting,

      Nicola Grinstead João Armando Gonçalves
      WAGGGS World Board Chair WOSM World Scout Committee Chairperson

      For more than a century, WAGGGS and WOSM have empowered generations of young men and women through non-formal education.

      We share our Promise, Educational Method, distinctive salute and uniform, and we are proud of this common heritage. As we look to the future, we are convinced in the continued relevance of the principles and values upon which our organisations were founded.

      Together we have transformed the lives of millions of young people, and we are committed to continue our collaboration – to enable more young people to experience the power of our programmes. We believe that both organisations complement each other in our efforts to empower young people and create impact in their lives and the world around them.

      We will work closely while recognizing and celebrating the diversity of both organisations. We will promote peace, active citizenship, volunteering and sustainable development, including by bringing more young people together at events, and by advocating on global issues. Our collaboration will take different forms in different places, reflecting the varying needs and realities of young people. WAGGGS WOSM Stronger together

      Together, we are strong partners for young women and men.

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      Lovely sentiments; however, since its inception GS/USA rejected any suggestion that they be called guides. So, many US girl scouts don’t even know they are part of WAGGGS.

      The good news is that “boots on the ground” leaders largely ignore the dictates of their superiors. I certainly hope that continues.

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