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    In the new G2SS 2018 patrols are now required to have 2 21+ registered leaders for all activities. Including meetings. After some hard work I have gotten our patrols to go out and be more active outside of weekly meetings. This new rule puts an end to that. We just don’t have that many leaders to comply. I think National needs to rethink this. It will only ultimately weaken the program for the scouts.

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    The third part of the scout law tells me what to do if a young man or woman comes with a good hiking or camping plan. Help them master the skills they need to achieve their goal in my absence.

    Hey BSA, youth will seek out and find the pinnacle scouting experience of hiking and camping independently with their mates … with or without you. What will it be?

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    It’s rare that I buck BSA policy but here goes…

    If you have inspired your patrols to the point that they are doing “patrol outings” on their own, then I applaud you. That is precisely the level of camaraderie, self-reliance, strength, leadership, and independence we are supposed to be instilling in young men! It’s what America needs young people to be able to do. IMO, don’t “dumb down” the Program because there’s a new BSA policy that we haven’t needed for 108 years. My advice is that they continue to do these things, but NOT AS SCOUTS, thus making it a non-Scouting event. You/they lose liability insurance protection, but at least you’re not violating GSS.

    The BSA has really taken a few steps BACKWARDS in the last few years, from the 2015 ban on water pistol / super-soaker battles to banning water balloons “larger than a ping pong ball”, to it’s embrace of “diversity”. “Weakening the Program” is not something National has been concerned with for the last few years. In fact… they’ve gone out of their way to do precisely that. Sad to say.

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    I just received a survey about my experiences with scouting and it included an area where I could rank what needed work. All three areas that need work were at the council or above level. This new Guide rule is causing some real concern regarding implementation. We have four separate patrol rooms where they meet each week. Strictly applied, we have to have two registered adults in each of these rooms.

    Like many of the changes over the last 10 years, I feel that money is the deciding factor and how the end results affect the scouts and programs is the last thing considered. If you get a similar survey, please take the opportunity to respond.

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