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      My scout has several council shoulder strips that were temporary for various events (such as Jambo). Is it appropriate to put them on the back of the merit badge sash, lined up? They represent quite a journey of scouting, but we’d like clarification on whether this counts as “temporary insignia.”

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      The exact wording from the BSA insignia guide:

      Merit badges may be worn on the front and back of the sash. Miscellaneous patches may only be worn on the back of the sash.

      Council strips clearly are miscellaneous. So your son’s idea is regular.
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        The 2019 Guide to Awards and Insignia says this:

        Merit badges may be worn on the front and back of the sash. Temporary patches may only be worn on the back of the sash.

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      Everything you need to know about merit badge sashes

      Miscellaneous patches

      Patches that aren’t merit badges, including camporee or event patches, may be worn on the sash, but only on the back.

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      Roland Roberts

      I believe the short answer is, as already posted, yes. The longer answer is that Temporary Insignia may be worn on the back of the sash, but Equipment Decoration may not. The latter includes things like the 50-miler patch and the Paul Bunyan Award.

      However, I can’t find those references in the online version of the Guide to Awards and Insignia.

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        Rule #1: Don’t ask for a rule.
        The IG is carefully worded so as to keep wide the selection of events/achievements that a boy may choose to commemorate. Yes, equipment patches were designed for gear (e.g., the back of a pack) or special-purpose clothes (e.g., swim suits), but nobody should fault scout who is so proud of a particular achievement that he wants it to be evident for all at a court of honor to see.

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      Does “Miscellaneous patches” pertain only to BSA patches? For instance, we have a Scout that is working toward the SCUBA merit badge and has completed the Open Water Diver certification. Would it be appropriate for him to display the SCUBA certification patch he received from PADI on the back of his sash?

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        I would keep it to BSA patches only. The SCUBA merit badge is signatory of the certification since you have to have it to get the merit badge. The scout could display the SCUBA BSA patch on the back if desired. That said, custom troop, district, council and OA patches are made everyday. These patches have to be approved by a committee and would be able to be displayed on the back of the sash.

        The back of the sash is a visual representation of scouts’ journey and “beyond the rank” accomplishments.

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