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    Steven Chmielewski

    I’ve accepted the position of STEM/Nova chair with our local council and am very excited about the oppprtunity. I was interested in getting feedback from other scouter on what has been successful for them. We are planning a STEM/Nova “fair” or expo this upcoming winter. Also, I was interested in those who have Nova or SuperNova mentor experience.

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    Mitch Erickson

    Steven: Congrats on stepping up. Patriots Path Council in NJ has rolled out NOVA Awards through the DRTs, visibility at camporees and other events, meeting with other Council Committees (Camping, Advancement et al), and persistent visibility by the STEM committee. We are also holdig a monthly event where Cubs earn the Nova Awards in a night (if they come wiht some prerequisites completed). No real magic, other than recruiting a committed STEM committee and increasing visibility. We adapted the introductory STEM presentation and customized it for Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers. Current documents are our our website http://programs.ppbsa.org/stem/. Feel free to borrow from us. You will see that we borrowed from STL Council. We also honor the Supernova awardees publicly at Scouting events and intend to build our STEM Recognition program.

    Equally important to the Nova/Supernova awards: infusing STEM into our events. Summer camps should provide explanations on the engineering of the dam that forms the pond. The public health principles behind washing dishes. Switchbacks = inclined planes. Etc.

    We are also building partnerships with the tech companies, universities, government labs, NGOs, museums, etc. within our area. For example, EMC2 recently presented “The STEM of Data Storage” to Scouts 14 & older. Also, local Microsoft store offers Belt Loop/MB classes for free courtesy of the Gates foundation. Partnering outside BSA is a challenge, but rewarding when it works. I hope we build this STEM thrust to several events/year.

    Feel free to reach out off-line. My e-mail is on our council’s website under “Committee Members”.

    Good luck! Mitch Erickson

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