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    The Cub Scout NOVA awards all have a requirement #2 that Cubs “Complete ONE adventure from the following list. (Choose one that you have not already earned.)”

    ..but what is a would-be NOVA Cub to do if he has already earned all of the available req #2 achievements for a given NOVA award and therefore cannot “choose one that you have not already earned”? 1-2-3-Go! is a poster child since there is only one specific adventure allowed per rank, but there are several others with only two choices.

    Is there another option besides abandoning the NOVA awards for which the Cub has had the misfortune to previously complete all its req#2 achievements?

    I think I get that the BSA doesn’t want double-dipping in NOVA – but by extension does this mean we should never award loops/pins for req #2 achievements completed during progress in NOVA? Because that’s also double-dipping isn’t it?


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    Didn’t write the requirements, but I would guess at the intent, which I think is to discourage boys from doing just one activity.
    If I were you, I would just count his favorite or most recent adventure toward the requirement. If there’s one he’d like to do again, support him in that. But, don’t hold back the award from a boy who meets its spirit.

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    I think the spirit of the award is to see how STEM skills can be related to things that are not obviously STEM activities and get them to think critically about the world.
    If he has already done all the adventures I think then requirement 2 is taken care of. I’d sit down with him and discuss how one (or all) was related to the appropriate NOVA award. If there are additional (optional) requirements to the adventure that were not completed you could have him complete those with what he learned from the NOVA award in mind.
    As far as completing required adventures in your den, do them. You can either incorporate the NOVA award into your den meetings or inform your cubs that if they found that adventure interesting they should take home the NOVA requirements and work on it at home, maybe give a deadline to complete it by if that makes you more comfortable. But really, unless I’m mistaken, there is no deadline on how long it takes to complete the award, so it really shouldn’t be an issue either way.

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