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    I really hope you can answer this for me Bryan! I was told by somebody who claims to be “in the know” with the powers that be, that National supply has “quit making neckerchiefs” and that they are now only selling the remainder of their inventory until they can eventually “phase them out.” Please tell me this isn’t true! Especially after the August 15th, 2015 policy change:

    Scout neckerchiefs now approved for wear with nonuniform clothing

    I would hope that this “news” is only a rumor, and that we can look forward to neckerchiefs being a part of the program for generations to come, but I would appreciate your answer if you could enlighten us please. Thanks!

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    This topic engendered a lively discussion on a scouting forum to which I belong. You might find it interesting:


    The general consensus, I believe, is that the necker is going to be around awhile for those who want it.

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