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    Hello Bryan and other Scouters –

    I have a question as to when the next update of the Guide to Safe Scouting will be available.

    Our troop recently became aware through this blog of the BSA’s policy change regarding 15-passenger vans (specifically the prohibition of using such vans made before 2005). Our charter organization owns (and our troop heavily relies on) a 15-passenger van. While the registration and manufacturer classifies the vehicle as a 15-passenger van it only has 13 seats and 13 seat belts (and only ever carries 13 people). Additionally it is a 2005 model and it has electronic stability control and seat belts for every passenger and driver (which the BSA requires for all post-2005 vehicles)… however it it was manufactured and sold in 2004 (so it was technically made before 2005 and thus is unusable come September according to Bryan’s blog post).

    Although there are some “gray areas” here as to if our van would be “legal” to use under the BSA’s new policy, we fear that this new policy will cause us to have to stop using this van. As good Scouts we want to be “Obedient” and we also want to “be prepared.”

    Unfortunately the only “official” word we can find on this new policy is Bryan’s February 13th blog post. It alerts Scouters of the change, but the post does not answer these questions of what the new policy actual is. As any lawyer will tell you, the wording of a policy is important and a single word or sentence can mean a lot. I reached out to our local council for clarification and guidance (going as high as the Scout Executive, the “top dog” of the council, with our questions)… but sadly no one seemed to know anything more than what Bryan had posted. And our question as to what the actual “letter of the law” is remains unknown.

    The FAQs in Bryan’s article states:
    “We will be adding this to the next update of the Guide to Safe Scouting and other BSA publications as they are modified.”

    So my question now is when will the policy be officially published? When will the next update of the Guide to Safe Scouting be published? Hopefully soon! And hopefully before September 1st (when this new policy apparently becomes law). I hope the Guide to Safe Scouting isn’t something that is published annually and we have to wait until January for the next edition (what would we do for the four months from September – January?).

    It is very frustrating that we have less than 180 days to adapt to a new rule (with a potential $20,000+ decision on the table) yet we don’t even know the exact details of the new rule yet (and the clock keeps ticking and September 1 gets closer and closer).

    We found some affordable options for replacements, but they also fall into some of the same “gray areas” that our existing van is in (we don’t want to sink $5k into a “solution” that ends up being unusable).

    Please advise!

    Yours in Scouting,


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    By virtue of having stability control, you are not in a grey area, IMHO. The intent is making sure you all are riding in safe vehicles.

    It’s not entirely clear how frequently G2SS updates are published, but they are issued here https://mchankins.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/still-not-significant-2/

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