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      We are starting a new female scouts bsa unit and i have some questions:

      Last fall, our council had an informational meeting.
      I could have sworn they said there needed to be a female leader but that the scoutmaster could be male or female.
      Now our de is saying the scoutmaster has to be female – is that correct?

      It says there must be a registered adult female leader at every event.
      Do committee members meet that requirement or is it only assistant scoutmasters?

      I wanted to make sure we have enough people registered in the right positions to keep us covered – right now we have about 3 or 4 committee members (1 dad, then moms) and about 3 or 4 scoutmasters (1 dad, then moms).

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      Congratulations and good luck on your new unit!

      Answering your second question first. Any over 21 adult female who is registered with the BSA and minimum Youth Protection trained counts towards both the two-deep leadership requirements, and the requirement that any event with female youth must have at least one registered female adult. So that means a registered Committee Member counts, as would a Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster, or any other registered adult position.

      There is no specific rule that I’m aware of or that has been published by National that requires the SM of a female troop to be female. Some cursory searching found the FAQ on the Scouts BSA change that was released to address concerns.

      Q: Must the leaders of a boy troop be men and all the leaders of the girl troop be women? No. Adult leadership may be men, women, or both men and women together. All youth protection guidelines are to be in use no matter the make-up of the adult leadership.

      That document is from over a year ago though, so it is possible that things have changed. That said, I can’t find anything documented that supports the claim. If you have a District Executive telling you this, I’d ask to see where it says that in writing. My best guess is that they are either ill informed, incorrectly interpreting requirements, or trying to push an idea (having female SM’s for the female troops can yield a better public perception) that is more of a “sure would be nice if…” rather than an actual hard and fast rule.

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      Find out whether your charter organization has rules regarding ratios of adult females to female scouters for overnight events.

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      steve coffey

      Just get out there and get started, you will figure it out. Have monthly outings and start with rank advancement and have fun! It sounds like you have a good start.

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      Remember, when an “expert” tells you how things are “supposed” to be, don’t be afraid to ask them to show you the BSA publication that they’re referencing.

      You’ll be surprised how many “experts” suddenly start to be quiet.

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      Tarah Colaizy

      My daughter and I joined a female troop that formed last Spring in March. Our SM is male, as is the SM for the other local female BSA troop that formed around the same time. We have 3 trained (YPT plus online and IOLT) female ASMs, as well as a couple of women who are registered and have taken YPT training. We have been following two deep leadership with at least one registered adult woman on each scouting event, and its worked well.

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        Good to hear all is working out for you, as starting a new troop is hard work. Not to split hairs, but just making sure you have two registered adults (21+) on each scouting event. You mentioned having at least one registered adult woman, which is great as long as the other adult is also registered. Parents who aren’t registered no longer count towards the two deep leadership.

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