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      Andy Rotola

      With the new rule of all adults must register as a leader if staying 72 hrs. The question I have if a adult only registers as a Merit Badge counselor, does that position count as a leader? I have talked with my DE and others and it seems no one has the same answer. Being told no that a Merit Badge Position the person doesn’t pay for registration and is not considered a leader is this true?

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      If your 72 hr inquiry is really about the new requirement for YPT, you should know that MBCs are already required to have completed Youth Protection Training. MBCs are not required to complete an adult application though and is not considered a leader.

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      MBCs are not “leaders” and thus are “not registered” is somewhat incorrect. A MBC is registered on a form different than a youth or adult “BSA Application”, but that does not preclude them from having to obey 2-deep leadership guidelines or keep their Youth Protection training current. Yes, they pay no annual dues/fee. They are not “leaders” and they have no obligation to be in uniform, nor is there a “Position Patch” for a Merit Badge Councilor.

      MBC is NOT a Scout “leader” nor is he/she a Committee Member. They are separate from the rest of the organization.

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      NorCal E

      Take a look at the “Guide for Merit Badge Counselors
      at https://www.scouting.org/programs/boy-scouts/mb-counselor-guide/

      This webpage states: “The Boy Scouts of America seeks to create a safe environment for young people and adult leaders” so it really seems like the BSA is calling you an “adult leader.”

      This page also states: “You will need to register with the Boy Scouts of America, through your BSA local council. This entails contacting the local council, then obtaining, completing, and turning in the Adult Application.” So you should go through all the steps necessary to be registered.

      Last year I asked our council director responsible for the summer camps and his response said that a MBC is a registered adult leader and meets the 72 hour rule. So, at least in our area, if you want a cost-free way of becoming a registered adult leader this is the way to go. One subtle difference that is true in our council: you are registered with the district not with your troop even though they track the troop you are associated with.

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