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    Requirement #2a of the National Outdoor Challenge Unit Award (https://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/awards_central/nationaloutdoorchallenge.aspx) is:

    “Our troop conducted 10 outdoor trips or activities with at least 50 percent of the registered youth participating.”

    Does this mean that at each of the 10 outdoor trips or activities there must be 50% of the youth participating?

    Or is it that 50% of the registered youth must be participate at one or more of the 10 outdoor trips?

    Or does it mean something else?

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    Great question! I don’t know the answer. At first read, I thought it meant that, for each event, at least half your scouts showed up.

    But what about patrol-specific outings? If your troop encourages lots of those (e.g., one patrol goes to Camp A on week 1; another patrol, to Camp B on week 2; etc …) then logically they will each be less than half your registered unit. Can you consolidate those (e.g., four patrol outings within a month = 1 troop outing)?

    There also are age specific activities (e.g. whitewater rafting for age 13+, new scout orientation weekend for age 12 and under, etc …). Can they count, if you factor in who in your troop is actually eligible?

    I don’t know. But, in general, I think the requirement is asking for more than half the boys in your troop to be fully engaged in your outdoor program as laid out in your annual plan.

    Run it by your PLC and see what they think.

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