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    Stuart Craig

    Listed in Scoutbook among the awards that may be credited to a Scout is “2017 National Jamboree – Duty to God”. What are the requirements for a Scout earning it? An online search yields info on what Sea Base and Philmont require, and a Duty to God award reserved for adults, but nothing on the Jambo-specific award.

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    Charles Spain

    My son earned this award at the Jamboree, but information on how to obtain the patch is seemingly nonexistent. A staff member at P.R.A.Y. told me it was available at the Jamboree trading post, but it’s not available from ScoutStuff.org. I’ve even called the Summit Bechtel Reserve, and the staff says they no longer have anything from the trading post. It seems odd for the award to appear on Scoutbook, yet there’s no simple answer to what it looks like or how to purchase it.

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    Charles Spain

    The 2017 National Jamboree Duty to God Award patch is the same as the Summit Bechtel Reserve Duty to God Award patch. Unlike the Philmont Duty to God Award, SBR has no information on the award posted online, and I can’t find a way to purchase it online from SBR.

    Scoutbook lists the 2017 National Jamboree Duty to God Award requirements, but has no image of the award. I suspect there were plans for a Jamboree specific patch, but it never happened.

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      Charles Spain

      From Sondra Booth, a super helpful and friendly Summit Bechtel Reserve staff member:

      And the answer is . . .

      Good afternoon!

      I have spoken with Scoutstuff.org and located the Duty to God Summit Patch. To order, please contact Robin @ 1-800-323-0736 Ext. 469. Ask for item # 622224. The patches are $4.99 EACH

      For the Nova Award, have the scout leader follow the link https://goo.gl/forms/HBJOHW1eGaUK8L7R2, fill out the form and submit it.

      If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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