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    John Merrell

    I have both the American Legion Community Organization Award and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Marvin E. Lewis Award. These are represented by the same knot (embroidered gold square knot on a purple background with a gold border). How do I wear these knots? Do I wear one knot knowing that I have two knots? Do I wear one knot with two Devices indicating that I have two Awards? What Devices do I use?

    This is not a big issue but I have put together a slide show presentation on Adult Awards (Knots). I give this presentation at Roundtables and other events to show Adults what the knot are and how to earn them. (We are here for the boys, but we also need to recognize adults). This point have not come up in the presentations, but since we now have shared knots this is bound to come up sometime.

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    I have not seen documentation as to how to wear two community organization awards. (Same knot, but from different organizations.)

    The main rule is “neat appearance”. So, if you are concerned about having more than five rows of knots (or if in your opinion, even a couple of rows is just too “noisy”), only add one knot. And, if anyone asks, explain that you were recognized by two different organizations. (Congratulations, by the way!)

    If you haven’t accumulated that much bling, I think adding both knots would provide a segue-way to promoting both organizations. It would be nice if there were a device for each organization, but if there isn’t I don’t think that’s a problem. Curious scouts would ask why you have two of the same, which allows you to reply “I’m glad you asked …”

    Scouters being pressed into telling their story is the best thing about the knot awards.

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    Guidelines say only one knot may be worn at a time. If a person receives more awards for the knot, such as the Scouters Key for Commissioner and District Chairmen, they only wear one knot, but may wear the little gold attachment for each award. So your knot could have two recognition’s.

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