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      Have other units seen LDS scouts suddenly knocking on your door wanting to join your troop in order to finish their Eagle? I thought LDS members had a problem with the current BSA program. I guess the problems they have with the BSA are not so great that they don’t still want the prestige of “Eagle” just before they leave us.

      I respect that they want to leave the BSA. It’s their choice of course. But which is it? Are you in or are you out?

      I understand that the individual scouts did not make the larger LDS decision but the boys have known about this for almost 2 years. We ask these scouts: Why did you wait this long to come ask us for a huge favor? Including needing a leadership position in a troop where they don’t know anyone and others have been waiting their turn for a leadership position.

      Also, with so little time left until they finish their Eagle, we would not get any volunteerism out of them. (The scout is too busy working on Eagle and the adult is too ‘new’ in your unit to be useful.)

      How are the other troops managing this challenge?

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      No LDS troops nearby, so we haven’t had any transfers.

      No, the problems with BSA aren’t that great. Chances are a few LDS adults will stay on as MBCs or UCs or volunteer at the unit level.

      I don’t broker in hypotheticals. We have had transfers for plenty of other reasons, and we welcomed then with open arms. Some took to our boys quite easily, others moved on. We don’t expect volunteerism from anybody, scouts dive in any time they have a chance to serve.

      In my troop nobody “needs” a position of responsibility, they are either elected or assigned to one by the SPL based on their gifts. Don’t do the work, don’t get credit for a POR, it’s that simple. New transfers wind up showing their gifts quickly, they’re usually doing the job and the SPL says, “Hey, do you want a patch for that?”

      Obviously, I haven’t seen LDS scouts with Life rank, so I don’t know if they’d behave any differently. But, I certainly wouldn’t expect them to be a burden on or troop at all. Scuttlebut says I won’t even have to make more coffee if they show up!

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      Thanks Q for taking the time to respond. Very much appreciated.
      My question, now that I think about, is more about our moral obligation to take them into our troop. Our situation (and maybe perspective) does appear to be different than yours. In our case, we have LDS scouts who have waited until the last minute to reach out to us to help them complete (or start) their Eagle journey. The only reason they are asking for our help is because their troop in closing. It is noteworthy in my opinion that they are closing their troop because they disagree with the BSA program. (Retorical Question: ‘Why have they not started another troop in the last 2 years?, or at least come to us sooner for help?’)

      Our Adult Eagle coaches are a cherished resource with a set of unique skills that are hard to come by in the right combination. (Scout skills, Eagle project process knowledge, ability to mentor youth, construction skills, etc.) We have not had any “LDS adults” (for lack of a better term) coming forward to offer their volunteer assistance.

      So… myself and other adult leaders are not thrilled about the potential to take on scouts that use the troop’s valuable resources when we already have many scouts that will be needing those resources soon. And of course I don’t want a scout to be on our roster that we treat any differently… Once on our roster, they would be considered an equal member. Which in turn, means long standing scouts with our troop will be negatively affected as they would need to share the Eagle coaches with the new members (formally LDS scouts).

      Thanks again for your response.

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