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    Julie Grace

    Would you consider any questions inappropriate to ask at an Eagle BOR? For example, do you feel it is appropriate to ask a boy his opinion on the addition of gay, transgender, or girls to scouting at an Eagle Board?
    I personally feel that the first question stretches the boundary of singling out a group according to their gender or sexual orientation for a personal opinion. Plus, as a female, if I were a new girl enlisted in scouting, I’m not sure I would appreciate knowing that a question was being asked concerning me in a BOR, especially since its now BSA policy. In addition, I don’t feel this question has any bearing on a candidate’s character to be an Eagle Scout. Thoughts?

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    Depends on the intent of the question. The young man (currently) has spent several years in the organization to get to that point, his opinion on recent policy decisions is just as valid as any. If the point of the question is to simply get the person’s view, then that’s fine. Just as much as asking about how things are operating in the troop, if they’d make any changes to anything else, etc. Not every question at a Board of Review is to evaluate just the candidate, it also exists as a method of getting the gift of feedback on the health of the unit (or district, council, scouting in general).

    If the point of asking is to determine if they have the “right” or “wrong” viewpoint to either award or not award Eagle, then it would not be appropriate in my opinion.

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    An Eagle BOR is meant to be introspective and probe the “character” we’ve cultivated over the last X years.

    As a young adult he has opinions on many topics. An Eagle is surely “vested” in the Program and should be free to discuss his opinions on any aspect of the BSA program. It’s more HIS program than “ours” so asking him how he feels about a BSA policy is 100% fair game.

    I would be sure to not condemn or “argue” with an Eagle candidate at his BOR, but it is always interesting to hear their perspectives and even measure how well he articulates his response, regardless of the view/position he takes. Sometimes we just want to measure his ability to “think on his feet” by asking questions they may not have anticipated.

    Agree with Middletownscouter – Don’t use these types of questions as “gotchas” to preclude him from rank advancement. ALLOW his responses, whatever they may be!

    Keep in mind that his journey to Eagle has included:
    A variety of Religious Emblem Programs for their respective religions
    3 badges on Citizenship…
    2 badges on American “Culture”…
    1 on Family Life…
    1 on Public Speaking…
    1 on Public Health…
    1 on Scouting Heritage (where 1 requirement is to interview a former Scout over the age of 40, which is before all the PC changes and emasculating restrictions were put in place)

    The point is that we WANT Eagle Candidates to have opinions on topics like Politics and Religion; topics that may be “controversial” around the lunch table at work are still appropriate in Scouting. I say we should ASK AWAY! Let the Eagle BOR be relevant, cerebral, and thought-provoking. Treat him like an adult… he’s earned it.

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    Yes. The questions about his opinions are completely appropriate. This is their organization. Would it be appropriate to ask a future girl Eagle candidate: “What was your experience like as one of the first females being in the program?” Answer: Yes

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    I have asked questions along this line of thought. I had a candidate wanting to go into computer programing and made a statement on Snowdone. I took this as fallowing the issues our country was facing at the time. I asked him a question on Snowdone and Manning distinction. The scout didn’t know of the Manning situation. So I explained how one is seen as a villain and the other is a hero in the overall view. I was more interested if he was thinking on the issues, not what his personal thoughts was. It was more important to me the he was thinking on the issues not what his personal opinion. I Do not see a problem asking about views provided it is ONLY TAKEN as an example of them thinking on issues. I don’t care what their opinion is. Just are they engaged with the world.

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