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      Last year I fulfilled my role as quartermaster for six months, and this Year I became ASPL for 9 months. When I asked my Scoutmaster to sigh off of my Eagle requirement that states I must do 6 months in a recognized leadership position he denied me stating that I hadn’t fulfilled leadership requirements that he has created. I already know that my scoutmaster is not allowed to add or subtract requirements, but is I’m confused as what I can do about the situation. Can another scout leader sigh off on my requirements?

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      Yes, another ASM should be able to sign your book, but may not due to “professional courtesy” to your SM.

      If you can’t get satisfaction, know that your SM or your unit is not the only path to Eagle. We had a scout who we did NOT want to award Eagle to because he was posting all sorts of bad social media (including posting pictures of him smoking pot). No one in our unit felt he was “Eagle” character and we refused to hold an Eagle BOR, but he went to District/Council and they granted him Eagle without the support of the Committee or SM.

      Your situation is much different as you are facing a SM who is “illegally” adding new requirements, but the point remains that a scout CAN bypass his SM if he’s got all the paper requirements done.

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