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      How many ASPL’s can a troop have? Is it based of troop size?
      Elected SPL wants to appoint 2 ASPL’s one for Service and one for Program. That seems to be in line with what NYLT and other activities within BSA have. An ASM claims that only 1 is allowed. Current troop has 6 older scouts 16+, 3 14-15, and the remaining 30 are 11 – 13. The 16+ will all Eagle in the next year. One is SPL the others are troop guides. SPL was appointing one scout who was 14 and the other was 13 to be ASPL. The 13 is mature and it would be a great leadership positon to get his feet wet. He has been a PL.

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      I think the ASM is overstepping here. It is the scouts (boy or girl) troop, not the adults. The ASM and SM are only really there to coral the ciaos so the speak. The scouts are wanting to have additional leaders to help a large unit. Let Them figure out how to best run their troop. FAIL is ok in scouts. “First Attempt In Learning” There is no set required number in scouting. The scouts see a need and they have an idea they want to try, let them figure it out. Adults get out of the way.

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      There’s no hard and fast rule, but lot’s of four-patrol troops get by with one ASPL.
      The SM might be missing out on an opportunity. But not a big one.
      If the 13 year old serves as troop guide or instructor things will go just as smoothly.

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      If a [scout-led] troop wants to have two ASPLs and the two [scout-led] scouts are willing to take on the job, who are we as scouters to tell them no?

      This is the exact sort of decision-making we want to encourage the scouts to make.

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      Response is simple. “Mr ASM, please show me in BSA documentation where this ‘limitation’ is official policy.”

      If he can’t (and he can’t) then his made-up rules should be thrown out.

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