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      Our pack recently (within the last 2 years) experienced a complete turnover in leadership…a new charter org, Cubmaster, Sec, Treas… This evening, our treasurer received an email from the parent of a WB2 (crossover is this Sat), asking about a $100 gift card he earned from popcorn sales and never received. As we did not offer gift cards during the 2014 and 2015 sales, this issue is from 2013 at the earliest (few of the current leadership were in leadership at that time). This is our first time hearing about it in two years. We have neither proof that the card was given, nor proof that it wasn’t given, then lost in the shuffle. This is an active scouting family (specifically popcorn sales), so there have been plenty of opportunities to follow up on the gift card oversight since 2013. My question is, what is the cutoff for settling financial issues (dues, reimbursements, prizes)? Is it the charter year, 6 months, 30 days? Is the pack responsible for reimbursements on purchases made a year ago? Indefinitely?

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      This is up to you to resolve with the help of your charter organization and committee chair.

      I would find out from other top-selling families of years past if they recall getting the gift cards. You need to know how wide-spread it really is and determine if it’s even possible for you to reconcile.

      But, double check the communication as well. Maybe this family did receive one in past years, and just assumed they were going to after your most recent sell.

      As a rule, I suggest closing out any fundraiser within a month or two. Make it a treasurer’s report that goes in the committee minutes.

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      Any “reasonable” cutoff for a non-profit organization is sometime WITHIN the year the money was earned. Non-profits are not meant to hold money and roll it forward year after year. In short… the boys who EARN the money, are DUE the benefit of the money… so that means spending it THAT YEAR before boys bridge-out, age-out, or quit.

      My response would be, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have financial record details going back 3 years. I’m so sorry we can’t help you.”

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