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    Huu Tran


    Knowing that uniform is one of the method in scouting; however, would someone give me a better explanation that why dinner time it requires scouts in their full uniform? Was there a history/story behind that requirement?

    H. Tran

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    Generally before the evening meal at Scout camps, there is a flag lowering ceremony.

    While it may have been different in the past, now days the requirement to wear uniforms to the evening meal isn’t so much to ensure everyone is in uniform for the meal, but that everyone is in uniform for the flag lowering as a sign of respect.

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    Traditionally this is because flag ceremony is just before dinner. At most camps they use to do this for breakfast too, but more recently most camps have gone to activity uniform for morning flag and breakfast due to time constraints in sending scouts back to camp before the first activity.

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    The beauty of a patrol-cooking summer camp: cook and cleanup in camp, then grab your field uniform for formation. First, we bring the colors down in our camp, then we advance to the parade field for the lowering of the camp’s colors and evening program. It’s up to the patrol if they suit up for any given meal.

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    Huu Tran

    I would agree that full uniform is for the lowering of the camp’s color. However, there was such an inconvenience that scouts have to grab their uniform for dinner as they just finishing their cooking in their activity clothes. The SM of the troop said it is because there is rule/requirement.

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      Sounds like the camp may have had an expectation that everybody show up for evening program in full uniform, and your scouts weren’t used to doing that promptly. They’ll get better.

      If the boys think this is a problem, suggest this: there’s nothing wrong with cooking, eating, and cleaning up in uniform. That’s why they call it a field uniform. Let them decide if they want to change before dinner or before clean up. Or, take turns cleaning up, so part of the patrol can change, then switch off with the boys who started clean up.

      Needless to say, if a patrol decides that they’d rather have their field uniform on and ready to go during meal prep, your troop may want to invest in some quality aprons!

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