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    Josh B.

    Hello fellow adult volunteers,

    I’ve recently accepted the position of treasurer for our Boy Scout Troop. I’m posting to determine how other troops are handling paying for scouting related expenses with a credit or debit card.

    One of the issues that we have is that we are chartered by a catholic church and we are not permitted to use a debit card or credit card for purchases for various reasons. This leads to us having to use checks or to reimburse one of our adult volunteers when they register for campouts, online events, etc.

    My question is how do other troops handle this? Due to the evolution of technology, checks are generally less accepted nowadays. We find it necessary to use a debit/credit card to register for events, put deposits down for camp, etc.
    How does your troop handle this? Do you use debit or credit cards? One of the options we have is using a prepaid card for events.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Mike M

    Well, your chartered organization owns the unit and makes the rules. I would think a check would be easier to audit and less prone to “identity theft”. In fact, requiring two signatures on the check would be a better idea, in my opinion.

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    I use my personal credit card and submit an expense report, along with receipts, to the treasurer, who will cut a check to reimburse me.

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    everything in our troop is handled by check. It leaves a nice paper trail. As far as someone accepting checks, registering for events and payments for camp should all be going through the local scout office and are you saying they don’t accept checks? I prefer families pay us with checks because it is much easier to see who payed and who didn’t. When someone hands you $10 at a meeting for something it can get tough remembering who gave you that

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