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    The camping MB has 28 requirements to do. On the blue card there is space for 22. How do you list the other requirements if listing them individually? Do you use a second blue card or add lines?

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    In my past experience, as a BSA camp director, my staff was instructed by the council advancement committee to simply right “All Requirements Complete”, the date completed, and sign in the grid part of the blue card and fill out the rest of the blue card. For scouts that had partials, we could group things together so if they completed 1a, 1b, and 1c, which is all of 1, we would just right 1, date, and initial. If they only did a certain part of the requirement as in 1a and 1c but not 1b, we would have to write those out individually. For scouts that came to use with a partial and needed to finish things up we would simply write over the top the “all requirements complete” statement.

    Hopefully this helps!

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    How do you fill it out when you are just starting the MB and none of the requirements are done yet? Is there a way to list all 28 items on one card without combining items?

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      I think Nathan answered your question. As requirements are done, the MBC signs off on the card. The requirements do not need to be “numbered” on the card in advance by the scout. All the SM / Advancement Chair has to do is list the Scouts information and the MBC information and give a preliminary signoff showing they are aware the Scout is working on this MB. The rest is up to the MBC until the completed card is turned back in.

      It’s not uncommon for multiple requirements to be done in 1 sitting, so the MBC could easily list “1-4 completed on (date) (signature)” all on 1 line. No big deal.

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