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      Please post examples of different troops ‘being active’ requirements for Star, Life & Eagle. Thanks very much. YIS…

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      Examples of “being active” for those ranks include regularly attending and participating in meetings, camp-outs, day-events, ceremonies, and fundraisers. Being active in the Troop includes regular interactions with the ones that are within the Troop and the community.

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      Well, there’s all extremes from “maintaining your registration” to “attending x% of meetings and y% of activities”. What x and y are usually wind up a negotiation between boys (who tend to ask unreasonably high numbers) and adults (who might ask for least common denominator numbers).

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      I’d start with the Guide to Advancement, section which has the definition of what is considered active and the three sequential tests (and alternative if test 3 is not met). The first two tests are pretty straightforward.

      The youth at the troop where I serve as Scoutmaster decided that a reasonable expectation of activity (the third test) would be to attend at least 50% of the weekly troop meetings and 50% of the monthly camp outs / outings.

      If a Scout doesn’t meet those criteria then the alternative section comes into play.

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        Middletownscouter, do you all make exceptions for seasonal stuff (sports theater)? Do you expect the scout to touch base with the PL (or if it’s the PL, touch base with his APL) when absent?

        Or, do you expect boys to set aside a some months (based on their rank requirement) to be available for at least half those meetings and activities? Touching base/serving other evenings doesn’t count?

        I always thought our boys should do the standard camp roll call at meetings. Patrol’s who sound off “all present or accounted for” should then be able to list where his absent scouts are.

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      Robert Lombardi

      Feel free to go to Troop55.org, we have a published Active Participation Policy for our Troop

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      Would like your thoughts – Is it fair to implement a participation percent halfway through a scouts career – for instance, a scout must attend 75% of meetings and outings? Feels like we are trying to hit a moving target.

      I can see adding this for new scouts.


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      There was an excellent article on this topic in Scouting Magazine a couple of years ago in which Scoutmasters were reminded that Scouting is JUST ONE of the many WORTHWHILE things that boys can be involved in and may be juggling participation in many of them concurrently.

      The bottom line is that “being active” in a troop is officially nothing more than being REGISTERED and having any dues/activity fees PAID. Scoutmasters should avoid imposing Scouting as the “one and only” priority in their lives, and instead be respectful of other interests and options. AS ALWAYS – Scoutmasters should be FOLLOWING the program, not making up their own sets of rules/requirements, etc.

      MY EXCEPTION (emphasis on personal opinion) would be a Scout who holds a Leadership Position. Youth Leadership positions are WORKING POSITIONS on which the rest of the patrol/troop relies on him to adequately do the job. Those who want to hold leadership positions should accept “expectations” COMMUNICATED IN ADVANCE that for the position to properly “function” and for them to get credit for holding a leadership position, some realistic percentage of attendance would be appropriate. We discuss and agree to what that percentage may be. Obviously… a SPL “needs” to be there more often than the “Scribe”, etc.

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