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    Diane Z

    Our Wolfs & Bears are working on the requirements for the Emergency Preparedness Award. How does one “join” a safe kids program. I went to the McGruff.org site – and you can purchase kits & have the boys play the online games, but I did not see how one “joins” McGruff. As far as I can tell, once you purchase the kit & do the activities, it remains with the parent – the child does not “join” McGruff. We can get the fingerprint kits for free from our local Police Community Relations office.

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    I called the Polly Klass foundation and they sent me the kits for a small donation. It is a DNA test that you keep the sample in your freezer in case the unthinkable happens. “Join” is a very subjective word. As long as the families participate I think that is fine…The Local police department or fine department may have something as well. As I recall, McGruff is fine but pricey

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    What “nationally recognized first-aid course geared toward children” did you use? I couldn’t find anything on the Red Cross “FACT” in my area.

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    Jason, I am our tiger den leader and faced with the same challenge: find a nationally recognized first aid course geared toward children. Wondering what you ended up doing for this. Thanks for any advice!

    We are in Joliet IL, southwest of Chicago.

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    Travis Miller

    Anxiously awaiting the first aid course answer as well.

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