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    Diane Z

    Our Wolfs & Bears are working on the requirements for the Emergency Preparedness Award. How does one “join” a safe kids program. I went to the McGruff.org site – and you can purchase kits & have the boys play the online games, but I did not see how one “joins” McGruff. As far as I can tell, once you purchase the kit & do the activities, it remains with the parent – the child does not “join” McGruff. We can get the fingerprint kits for free from our local Police Community Relations office.

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    I called the Polly Klass foundation and they sent me the kits for a small donation. It is a DNA test that you keep the sample in your freezer in case the unthinkable happens. “Join” is a very subjective word. As long as the families participate I think that is fine…The Local police department or fine department may have something as well. As I recall, McGruff is fine but pricey

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    What “nationally recognized first-aid course geared toward children” did you use? I couldn’t find anything on the Red Cross “FACT” in my area.

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    Jason, I am our tiger den leader and faced with the same challenge: find a nationally recognized first aid course geared toward children. Wondering what you ended up doing for this. Thanks for any advice!

    We are in Joliet IL, southwest of Chicago.

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    Travis Miller

    Anxiously awaiting the first aid course answer as well.

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    Randy J

    So I talked to membership support yesterday, they said you call the American Safety & Health Institute and schedule an age appropriate first aid course. I called them and you’ll need to call a local training center (https://emergencycare.hsi.com/locate-a-training-center), they suggesting one that is certified to teach “Wilderness First Aid G2010” and tell them what you’re trying to schedule, the ages, and ask them to check with the supervisor (they gave me the title of the person within the org but I can’t remember it, but it wasn’t supervisor) to see what the length and content should be for the age group. I plan on calling a local training center or 2 today, I’ll report back what they say.

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    This site, albeit focusing on Colorado, says that FACT and BAT are self-taught (by a leader). It even provides links to the materials.

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    Update: I just received word from a Red Cross training officer serving Tennessee and Virginia that F.A.C.T. and B.A.T. are no longer offered.

    I’ve inquired about local health department employees being able to teach it. In TN, all local HDs are state entities (a bit simplified, but for this discussion…), and all states partners with the federal government in Emergency Preparedness.

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    Update 2: I was just told by someone affiliated with the American Safety & Health Institute that they did not have a course that would meet the requirement. This is in Tennessee.

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    For a group of Tigers, we developed our own first aid course and had a volunteer pediatrician teach it for us. Our council approved, and asked for the written materials

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