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      Concerned Scouter

      So, can someone answer why the 2019 Eagle Scout Project Workbook, (REQUIRED USE), now requires a PAID application, (Adobe Livecycle), to download and use? I would suspect that most parents don’t want to pay for software that they’ll only use once. And yes, I checked for free trial, and it states it’s available for 60 days for developers and IT specialists.

      Am I missing something?

      How to Download the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
      Note: Do not attempt to open this workbook in a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) or in programs such as Nuance PDF Converter. The workbook was created in Adobe LiveCycle, which must be saved to your computer and opened with Adobe Reader 9 or later. This enables the user to take advantage of the enhancements of expandable text boxes and importing images.

      Click one of the following, depending on the computer you are using:

      For PC users For Mac user

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      You can open the workbook with any reasonably recent version of Adobe Reader (free).

      They were trying to warn you don’t use a browser to open the file. Make sure you use Adobe Reader to open the file.

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        How? I open adobe reader but it only looks through my files and downloads, not the internet. I can’t download the file to my computer because I get the stupid, Hold page! we used an old copy for his approval board but they told him to to even show up if we don’t have the new one.
        We are up to date on adobe reader.

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      Michael McDowell

      I had no problem downloading the current workbook from http://www.scouting.org. It didn’t require anything other than Reader.

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      Concerned Scouter


      Apparently the ‘Something’ I missed was the ‘right click’ and ‘save as’ directions.

      All good now.

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      I did the right click and save as but still couldn’t get it to open by just clicking on the file in my download folder. I had to open Adobe and then open the file from in there to get it to work. I should have remembered that since all of my Scouts had the same issue.

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      Does anyone know why the form requires Adobe Reader and will not function with anything else? It is extremely annoying to many of us to go find and install Adobe Reader just for this. I have two other pdf readers/editors and neither of them will allow viewing of the file. What is the reason to require it to be viewed only in Adobe?

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      It’s probably because it is a fillable form, and I suspect some of the functions don’t work in other pdf software.

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      Beth Sveen

      Is there any way for a Scout to access the workbook from a mobile – tablet or iPad?

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      Rebecca Audette

      Scouts who only have school chromebooks at home have no way to open the PDF because it only downloads the first warning/redirect page. There is no way to open the 2019 PDF on a chromebook because there is no actual functioning Adobe reader extension. Disapointing considering the volume of student/scouts that are issued 1:1 chromebook technology.

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      Terry Barker

      I right-clicked and saved it as a file but I still can’t print without paying. Help?

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