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    Diana Boyle

    Question of the Day:

    Does an Eagle have to present a Mentor pin only to those in Scouting…or can it be someone outside of Scouting who helped him become the person he is along his journey?

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    My understanding is that the Eagle can choose to give a mentor pin to whomever he likes.

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      I agree. It is not uniform insignia, but rather intended to go on regular formal wear. (Not that proud scouters worry about such things … especially if their most formal clothing is their field uniform. :P)
      And, it would be an encouragement to someone who has invested in a boy to have a memento of their influence on his scouting career.

      Of course, the best award is a visit 5 or 10 years down the road!

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    Clif Conklin

    When was the Mentor Pin first added to the Eagle Scout Award Kit?

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    The Mentor Pin…
    I’ve been an ASM with our unit for about three years. I will state for all that the Mentor Pins I’ve been honored with are among the items I am most proud to display on my uniform shirt. To be recognized by a Scout for the guidance and advice you’ve imparted on them during the time you’ve invested in them is the most humbling gift I have received. They are very special. I put the initials of each of the Scouts on the back of each and every one of them. I also place them in the same spots on my shirt–because that’s where they put them (because I’m a nerd like that).
    No, the recipient does not need to be in the Scout program. These are for the Scout to give as a small memento of appreciation.

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