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    Robert Sanchez

    A young man that something like 20 years ago was in the troop I am currently the Scoutmaster of is trying to plan two long over due Eagle Courts of Honor for his brothers who never had one. Because we are an LDS troop we will be shutting down soon so this former member of the troop is trying to accomplish this before the drop dead date.I haven’t helped to plan one of these for quite a while and I have a question of protocol about an Eagle COH. Regarding the Eagle charge, challenge, etc. is a current Eagle Scout supposed to deliver these to the Eagle candidate? Or can any leader or person of the candidates choosing deliver these? I know that I’ve been to Eagle Courts of Honor we’re they did this but I don’t remember if it’s protocol or not. He is hoping to possibly include the gentleman who was the Scoutmaster back then who is now 92 years old but we don’t remember if he’s an Eagle Scout and are looking to make all of this a surprise.

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    My general experience has been that the Eagle Charge and leading the candidate in the Eagle Oath is done by a fellow Eagle Scout (either youth or adult). But to my knowledge there is no absolute rule regarding this, just a generally accepted practice. The person(s) leading those two items should also be someone meaningful to the scout, so if both criteria cannot be met then it’s up to the family doing the planning to make the call either way.

    Would strongly recommend getting the Eagle Court of Honor Book that is sold at your local scout shop or online. My wife and I purchased a copy when our son was a Life Scout to “Be Prepared” for when he completed his Eagle. It is a very helpful book, and we’ve since passed it around to another half dozen families in our troop and neighboring troops to use.

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    There is no hard-and-fast protocol. Some even view the Eagle charge as a template. (I.e., It doesn’t have to be read/recited verbatim.) In this case, local tradition prevails. Our Eagles actually organize their own ceremonies. They decide who does what and how.

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    In our troop, each Eagle is responsible for organizing his own Eagle COH. He gets to make it as ceremonial (or not) as he chooses but we advise him that part of his Eagle COH is to celebrate his accomplishments, but also to inspire those who come behind. Whatever he comes up with is what we go with.

    It just so happens they always choose to include younger boys in the ceremonies and give them reading parts, etc. I guess you can call it “tradition”, but we leave EAGLE things for “Eagles”… which includes delivering the Oath/Charge being led by an Eagle Scout.

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