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    Question I would like to ask the group. What do you do when the district leadership seems to shirk their responsibilities? I run a well established troop in a district of a rather large council. The last few years, the district leadership has taken the approach to events (klondike, spring and fall camporees) of not having our own district event but merging with a neighboring district on their event. They will say that they need a host troop or they can’t have these events, but shouldn’t it be the job of the district committee to run district events? My troop is going to run the klondike this year or they would have had it somewhere else. As a scout leader, I feel I have enough to do beside running district events. Who do I approach about this committee?

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    Sounds like you’re being groomed for a district committee. 😉

    The pendulum in organizations the size of districts seems to swing between centralized and decentralized leadership over the period of a decade or so. Sounds like your district is in a decentralizing phase.

    Involve your older boys in running the event as much as possible. I remember as a youth, our SPLs and JASMs manned the derby stations. I looked forward once I was that old to contributing to the event.

    Talk to your district key 3 about how much time you can contribute toward this event, and how much you think your gonna need help. (E.g., promotions, finance, safety officers, etc …)

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    Kris Jones

    Sorry it took so long – I’ve only just begun to figure this forum out. Doug – I think you should approach your Unit Commissioner or the District Commissioner and ask them to get involved. It is their job to be the link between the Unit and the District Committee. The Commissioner Staff takes the program needs of the unit to the Committee and the District Committee Chair sends the issue to the appropriate operating committee – in this case, usually the Activities Committee. I do not recommend taking a Scoutmaster away from his duties in any case. Having said that, your District Committee is probably understaffed. They are made up of volunteers like yourself and if you can encourage adults in your unit (not the Scoutmaster) to attend Roundtable and District Committee meetings, they may find that there is something they can do to help, and derive much personal satisfaction in doing so. Also, it is the Council Key 3’s responsibility to moderate ‘FriendStorming’ sessions in your district for the purpose of developing longer lists of folks in the community who can be approached and recruited to the District Committee. A vital, functioning District Committee is essential to the success of the units. While I agree with what ‘Q’ said about youth participation (we often ask the OA chapter to man stations) I would counsel strongly against letting District Committee off the hook by sponsoring (read: organizing, running, cleaning up after) a Camporee or Klondike. It’s not in your job description. Again use that Commissioner Staff – they are your link as well as your friends.
    A Grouchy Old Commissioner

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