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      Alison Oshop

      Does any sort of template or guide exist with ideas/suggestions for weekend camping with cub scouts? Many of our pack’s veteran parents have moved on to boy scouts so the newer parents aren’t really sure where to begin with this. Can anyone share how you have planned weekend camping trips? i.e. what activities have you planned for the boys besides a hike or some sort of orienteering?

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      Christopher Thorpe


      Did you ever get a response. We have a structure that includes both FUN time and learning time for our Scouts.

      Our Weekend starts on Friday Afternoon with scouts and families arriving to setup and enjoy the evening with games (kickball or cards). We have a couple of fire barrels for everyone to cook dinner / desserts.

      Sat – After everyone is up and had breakfast we break into Dens and start with a learning exercise (required adventure or elective). After all have finished the boys get free time and can play, fish, or hangout. Some of the older boys may go on a hike as they are required. By the end it is time for lunch and a little rest time. We give the families a little more free time and then go into another learning session. This may be broken into two sessions if the leaders need more time. We conclude the day with dinner, a flag retirement ceremony and then a movie.

      Sun – Breakfast, Scouts own service, break camp and head home.

      Hope that helps.

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      Kevin Ferreira

      There are many fun activities that can be used to address program and inspire scouts. We just finished a pack overnight/campfire experience today. We had stations, with boys from our local troop helping us run it. We had recycled materials rain gutter boats, stomp rockets, an obstacle course, a free play area with Frisbees and balls and bean bags, and a make a neckerchief slide station. These were all very easy to set up and run and the kids stayed engaged and entertained. We had them all help prepare dinner, hobo packets, fruit skewers, and s’mores mix. All in all the event went well with the exception of the raccoons who decided to chew through one families tent(a teaKevin Ferreirachabe moment a out putting food in your tent)

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      Especially with Cub-aged boys, you can have NO DOWNTIME! Cub-aged boys WILL be entertained, either by your agenda or THEIRS, and theirs will be like herding cats! A program that knocks out rank or award advancement is best so that the trip is “productive” as well as entertaining.

      There should be set arrival times, tent & kitchen setup-times, and some games and a cracker-barrel and campfire program to keep everyone’s attention and focus. End the night with a set “LIGHTS OUT” and “absolute silence” time for all to obey… and don’t be afraid to let the parents know that you need their help to abide by that.

      Saturday morning should have a set time to wake up, prepare & eat breakfast, then “program” time of learning skills or taking a hike, etc. Back to a set time for Lunch and then MORE PROGRAM of some kind of structured activity. Give them a couple of hours to nap and goof off before dinner. After dinner should be another campfire program with songs and skits and then a set bed time & “lights out”. Scouts tend to sleep better on Saturday than Friday because they are tuckered-out from a full day of activity.

      KEEP THEM BUSY or you will have chaos.

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