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      Our pack is trying to build/create a cub closet. Those who no longer have use for uniforms that they have outgrown or no longer need, have been encouraged to donate to the cub closet for other scouts. My barrier that is keeping me back from moving forward with this is: how do we distribute the items that have been donated? I’m conflicted with how to manage this because above all, I want to be fair. Any advice out there? Does anyone keep a cub closet for their pack, and if so, how do you manage donated items?

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      We run one in the troop I was active in, and if we had a parent or scout that came to us about uniform issues we would assist where we could. There was no need based system used, just the honor system, and many times we got back what we loaned out and more. When parents found out we had it, we often had more donations that we could handle.

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