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      I’m wondering if anyone has tried or is using a pack website? I found a site called Soar MyPack and it seems intriguing to use it as a one stop communication site for parents and leaders. The only thing holding me back is the $99 fee for the advanced features, and not sure if its worth it..?? But they give a 30 day money back guarantee. So just curious if anyone else has heard of it or uses another site.


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      We use a website called SCOUTLANDER. We highly recommend it, but we are also finding we live in a “facebook world”. Facebook is more instant and more often seen, but a web site has value as well.

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      Michael Crider

      We’ve created a Cub Scout website, built on WordPress, it’s ugly but has the basics (calendar, PayPal for dues and payments). But we have volunteers with those skills. Additionally we have a Google Group for email notices/announcements. Before this we used SoarMyPack, it was expensive and didn’t work for us (e.g. calendar kept breaking).

      Facebook is instant and you can create a closed group. But it’s tough to float the important stuff up to the top, not everyone is on facebook, those that are don’t always check. Plus (personal opinion) Facebook is not a positive platform for society, and no sense pushing people to use it.

      Two other options to look at are Wix and Weebly. Both have free tiers.

      If you know (or want to learn) WordPress you can build a free site at wordpress.com.

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      Charles Tracey

      Have been using SOAR for over a decade for Pack and Troop. It has worked well, replaced a DIY effort that was simply too time-consuming to maintain. Main advantage of a SOAR website is the ability to easily maintain the roster and PRIVATE vs. PUBLIC information in the same context. Facebook can still be used as an adjunct, especially for pictures and blog-like functions.

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