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      Tom D

      I just completed the Goal Setting and Time Management course for my Crew. I completed a Training attendance sheet and need a course code for the class. There is one for the Mentoring class but not GS & TM.

      If Awards/Advancement is going to be a bigger part of Venturing, then we will have to track this training nationally. Since I started the crew in 2013 I’ve been filling out these sheets for every training activity we’ve done ie First Aid to Officer Orientation.

      Anyone know the Course /Training Code for Goal Setting and Time Management?

      Advisor Crew 6

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      Tom D

      The national Training Team just released the Training Course Codes for Venturing Youth.

      Intro. to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) – P35
      Goal Setting and Time Management – P36
      Venturing Project Management – P37
      Venturing Mentoring – P38

      Having these codes is important because we are starting to present the courses on a Council Level and Advisors will need a way to track each scouts training.

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      Jim Coder

      Can someone point me to where the actual material is for the Pathfinder Project Management is for the Venture Pathfinder rank? I have facilitator’s guide for the goal setting / time management but cannot find anything for the project management. Anyone have a good link?

      thx in advance

      Jim Coder
      Advisor Crew 406
      Coon Rapids, MN

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      Tom D

      Here is the source material for the Project Management. This is a serious course. I’d say college level concepts. But it has some really great points and will give each Venturer a heads up on their fellow youth.


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