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    Randy DeTarr

    See Below:…

    Effective March 1st. The Orange County Council will be assessing a filing fee for Eagle Scout applications. The fee will be $120 with applications to defray the costs to the council to file. The logistics are being worked out as to who will be collecting. You will be receiving the Eagle Scout gift set with this fee. Please pass this along to your respective troops.
    This information was passed along to us today at the Top Hands Meeting at the council.
    Rudy Solorzano
    Orange Frontier District
    District Advancement Chair

    Site Name: Orange Frontier Advancement
    Site URL: https://orangefrontieradvancement.shutterfly.com/

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    John Gaunt

    This sounds “illegal” (Scout policy) on the face of it, and usurious if national even allows such a fee. I would contact national council IMMEDIATELY to find out.

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    Sharon Hickman

    They changed their minds – hurray! surprised this didn’t generate more of a conversation. An article might have driven eyes to the Forum. Scouting is losing money, but it’s not fair to charge Eagle hopefuls for their application. FOS needs to look beyond the scout families for their funding. Families are already giving their time and money for their own troop activities. We need more community involvement to cover the other costs. Help your community see the value of scouting and they will help over the cost.

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    Orange County Council seems to be very wealthy council, shame on them. I hope national sees this

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    Edward Huntington

    Actually, the idea that our council (Orange County) is “very wealthy” is false, and causes a lot of problems from those who think we have money pouring in from all sides.

    There are actually MANY economically challenged areas in our council, and a large percentage of our units struggle financially. I am a Webelos Leader in Mission Viejo, a prosperous area, yet of the 8 boys in my den, 7(!) come from homes with tremendous financial pressures. Our council has been on a strained budget for some time due to a tremendous drop in Friends of Scouting donations, which in years past generated a large part of our revenue.

    They were compelled to realized that charging for Eagle applications was ludicrous, and so they dropped the idea and have had to move towards a $12 “Insurance Fee” to be added to the $33 Registration Fee. We aren’t all as wealthy as you think, so better not to make assumptions about what goes on here.

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