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    This topic is for cooking merit badge questions

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    Hello I had my cooking merit badge question open before the change and was wondering which requirements I need to use?
    Thank you in advance to everyone who tries to help.

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    Jay Green

    Hi Gabriel,
    I’m new to this site and its forum, so please excuse my being confused by your question. There are 7 requirements for the Cooking MB. EACH requirement has subtopics as well. I’m new to being a MB counsellor, honestly. I provide 3 Eagle required MBs and 2 elective MBs.
    The requirements that need to be taught are the 7 in the book/online pdf format.

    I’m not completely or intentionally being a wise guy for any other reason than to help you understand that the question you’ve asked is quite eye opening. It’s important that you actually look at the requirements of the badges you’re teaching, Gabriel. The books are well written and useful. AND, they list the requirements, so you’ll know which ones you need to do.

    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you’re good at something or know how to do it that you can offer a MB in the subject. The Cooking MB is not simple. It’s not a quick one to do. It’s involved. It’s not one that can be achieved in a couple sessions. It’s an Eagle required MB and a life time skill. Don’t short the teaching of the badge or the immense amount of teaching you can provide by simply checking the boxes for the requirements.

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