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    NorCal E

    The Cooking Merit Badge has requirements where the scout needs to cook for a group. I would like to see your opinions how to interpret the requirements cooking for a group.

    Requirement 6 asks the scout to: “plan a menu … to be consumed by three to five people (including you) … prepare and serve two meals and a snack from the menu….”

    Let’s assume for this discussion this is a small patrol of 3 scouts.

    Can all three scouts do this requirement on a single overnighter sharing the cooking by having “Scout A” cooking for “Scout B” and “Scout C”, “Scout B” cooking for “Scout C” and “Scout A”, and “Scout C” cooking for “Scout A” and “Scout B”, all at the same time?

    Or does it require 3 overnighters (or a single 2-night backpacking trip) for all three scouts to meet this requirement where each scout takes a turn doing all the cooking for the other two?

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    If all of them were cooking and preparing the backpacking/trail meals they planned on one outing, each cooking their own menu plan at the same meal, it would be feasible. But since each youth would have to plan and prepare their own menu, that would be a heck of a lot of food at each mealtime for three scouts to eat on the trail (or they’d be packing out a lot of uneaten, wasted food / extra weight in their packs). Also in your scenario above the Scouts would have to be cooking for themselves in addition to the other two Scouts. But since each Scout only needs to prepare two of the three meals and their snack, the amount of food prepared at each mealtime could be reduced by one. Also, by spreading out snacks throughout the day instead of only doing one in the evening time, it would help to lessen the food served at each mealtime. It could look a little like:

    Breakfast – Scouts A & B prepare their menus
    Mid-Morning Snack – Scout C prepares their snack
    Lunch – Scouts B & C prepare their menus
    Mid-Afternoon Snack – Scout A prepares their snack
    Dinner – Scouts A & C prepare their menus
    Evening Snack – Scout B prepares their snack

    (That meal plan could also be known as Hobbit-style!)

    It would be more feasible for two youth to complete this requirement on a weekend backpacking trip, where you have two breakfasts, one lunch, one dinner, and two snacks. Each scout would have to provide a plan for one full day’s worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack), and then between the two determine which two meals and snack each would cook, which could work out to:

    Friday Snack – Scout A
    Saturday Breakfast – Scout B
    Saturday Lunch – Scout A
    Saturday Dinner – Scout B
    Saturday Snack – Scout B
    Saturday Breakfast – Scout A

    Doing it that way two of the Scouts for the weekend trail/backpacking trip would have to opportunity to meet the requirement of Cooking MB #6d.

    All that said, why not just plan more patrol outings, leting each scout handle the menu and cooking for one on their own? Even a full day on the trail doing a dayhike would work as the requirement is for a plan for one full day of meals but only need to actually prepare two of them (and a snack). (Which would also be helpful for working on the Hiking merit badge in tandem.)

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    Speak with the MB counselor before you try this approach. One of the concepts is to not waste food, and I can’t see a counselor seriously approve for three scouts to prepare nine portions of food for three different meals during a one day period. I’ve personally witnessed a patrol of six scouts cook and consume three pounds of bacon in one setting before, but that isn’t something we try to encourage.

    The cooking merit badge is designed for more scouts to go on more outings. Requirements 5 and 6 are best handled with as little corner cutting as possible.

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    Don’t dumb-down badge or rank requirements and don’t be in a hurry to finish teaching a badge. There’s no reason the boys can’t host a “Parent’s night” and invite the folks in for a bite to eat and perhaps talk about the program or some upcoming events. Maybe prepare some food and deliver it to a charity or homeless shelter. Maybe treat the troop to some food at a troop meeting or even have them prepare some dishes to be shared at the next Court of Honor.

    In Scouting, there’s 1000 ways to get the job done. Being creative is what makes it all FUN in the first place.

    But I would say NO. A cannot cook for B, nor B for C, etc. MB work is to be done AS WRITTEN to get the PROPER EXPERIENCE that was intended from the MB exercises.

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