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    My son is in a Bear Den with 9 other boys. 8 of the boys attend one school, my boy attends a different school in the district. The Den is holding a carnival for the Pack to complete the ‘Grin and Bear It’ requirements. My son is in a school performance the same night the carnival is taking place and will be unable to attend.

    I don’t feel right asking the entire Den to hold a repeat carnival, just so that my boy can achieve the mandatory requirements.

    I’m concerned that my boy will be unable to achieve the Bear rank just because he has a conflicting school event. Any advice is appreciated.

    Here are the requirements for ‘Grin and Bear It’:
    – organize carnival with Den
    – help younger scouts take part in carnival
    – after carnival discuss what went well, what didn’t
    – make award for adult that helped with carnival

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    There is always wiggle room with requirements and conflicts.

    They are not *THAT* cast in stone.

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    The Cub Scout motto is “Do Your Best.” That would apply to parents / leaders as well! For example, with the old Tiger program, it was impossible to coordinate a trip to a TV or Radio station / Newspaper Office — what with businesses only allowing tours during business hours, when kids are in school, and parents wanting to use school vacations for family travel! After my first year, I gave up — it’s impossible! It’s not the boy’s fault that he couldn’t do it. I did my best to try to coordinate tours but end the end I gave up, it was impossible. Even though we’re not supposed to, we eliminated that one (and only that one) requirement because it was impossible for the Tigers to complete. I’d take that same position with these new requirements — both you and your son have done your best to complete the requirements, but this is impossible for you to complete. Your son should not be penalized for not doing a requirement that it was impossible for him to do.

    If your son were handicapped, there would be no question about waiving certain requirements that he would be unable to meet. The same standard should be applied to able-bodied scouts.

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    Diane Z

    We had one boy whose family was leaving for Spring Vacation the night of the Grin & Bear it Carnival. We suggested that he organize a “Family Fun Carnival” and tell the den about it next meeting.

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    Dusty S

    If needed, you can sometimes switch “Den” to “family” for the requirements. Remember that in Cub Scouting the benchmark for each requirement is “Did the Scout ‘Do His Best?” I think in your specific situation, you could have a family carnival or even invite some friends or neighbors. Take pictures and share with the Den at your next meeting. I think that would meet the spirit of the requirement to anyone’s satisfaction.



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    You could also consider completing this activity with another Pack. My son spends every summer on vacation out of state (with his grandparents) so we often miss most of our Pack-specific activities so last year we teamed up with another pack in a nearby city so that he could go to camp and complete other activities.

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