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      Josh Z.

      Can our charter org rep also play the role of our treasurer? Reading what I could find it seems that COR are allowed to volunteer for other roles within the same unit. I just haven’t seen it said specifically for treasurer. Does the BSA allowed this in the same with unit?

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      It is my understanding that while people often do wear more than 1 proverbial hat to keep (usually smaller) troops running… the Adult Application form only has room for ONE “official position”.

      IMO – a good COR should be encouraging the Committee Chair to reach out to the rest of the parents to fill any vacant positions. Every position has a patch, and every patch has its own set of roles/responsibilities. Units work best when everyone does “their job” and trusts everyone else to do theirs.

      A COR should be the COR
      A CC should be a CC
      A Scoutmaster should be a Scoutmaster
      A Treasurer should be a Treasurer
      You get the idea…

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      The short answer is yes, a COR can dual register as both the CR and one other position within a unit, typically the Committee Chair (CC) or a Committee Member (MC) That role (along with the IH) are the only exceptions to the “one registered position per unit” requirement. Here’s a relevant article from Bryan on Scouting about it.

      The only exceptions are for the head of the chartering organization, known as the Institutional Head (IH), and the Chartered Organization Representative (COR). Either of these individuals may register in one other position within the unit.”

      That said, finding individuals to wear only one hat is generally the best way to operate for sure.

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