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    Chris Callanan

    I’ve tried searching for this but I keep finding info on what camping counts towards OA eligibility… I’m looking the other way. Do nights camping with the OA chapter count towards Camping Merit badge, Rank Advancement and general Nights camping in Boy Scouts?

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    Yes they do count. Unless a requirement specifically states otherwise. The OA defiantly meets the requirement of under the auspicious of the BSA. They also count toward 100 nights of camping.

    Here is a link to an ask the expert here on Scouting Magazine. “All campouts since becoming a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout may count toward this requirement”

    Ask the Expert: What is (and what isn’t) a camping night for the Camping MB?

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    Scoutmaster John

    OA Camping nights do not count for rank advancement. You must be at least a First Class Scout to be elected to OA. None of the ranks after First Class specifically require camping.
    For merit badges and awards be sure the camping nights qualify for the requirements of the award. Most are “under the auspicious of the BSA” which means OA counts. Some however, do state with your troop or patrol or with WEBLOS. in which case they wouldn’t meet the specific requirement. Some merit badges also have specific requirements in addition to camping to count such as cooking, selecting a site or form of shelter. For some of the awards you can also use camping as a Cub Scout.
    The wording of each specific award or merit badge will tell you what counts and what doesn’t.

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