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      I sat in on a leadership meeting recently and my unit is considering starting to sell Camp Cards and want to understand how units manage the money that is earned by the scouts. If we keep an account for each boy and then deduct an amount for each event, (Ex: Campout for $30) are units really tracking those accounts all year long? It seems to me that that is a large amount of work to track each boy’s account. There must be periodic disputes as it relates to the balance of the account and constantly updating each scout/parent on how much they have left, how much left to spend, etc. Are scouts doing this work? or are adult volunteers doing this work? This would be a full time volunteer position it seems and this person would have be in lockstep with every other volunteer running every billable event throughout the year. (too much for a treasurer to keep up with in my opinion) For large units (50+ boys) is this really how they do it? It does not seem worth all the effort and from what I can tell we are not supposed to simply give the money to the scout/parent to manage. Can anyone out there confirm what we are allowed to do and what is done in reality? Gracias!

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