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    Outdoor Chair

    If we take scouts on a camping trip using four cabins, which sleep six and have two separate bedrooms each as well as a pullout couch in the living room, I have been told that we need to have two adults per cabin. We were going to have our leaders in one cabin, with them in the separate bedrooms and the youngest scouts sleeping in sleeping bags in the open room. The other cabins would be used by the older scouts in the troop, venture patrol and such. The cabins are next to each other, between 50 to 100 feet apart at most.
    I’ve looked everywhere for this and cannot find anything other than having adequate leadership, one per ten scouts and at least one registered and over 21. as well as having two deep leadership in the cabin if shared with scouts. With four cabins and six spots each, that would be 21 scouts max and three leaders. OR does it have to be eight leaders and sixteen scouts? The answer I was given was a determination from our Executive but I cant find it substantiated in any text or pdf. What if you take a group to a high adventure camp like Tier and have to lay over in a hotel? Two crews with two male leaders in one room, two female leaders in a second room and 12 scouts divided among three rooms is incorrect? Have we been doing it wrong?

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    You’re probably bumping up a camp facilities requirement. Not just G2SS.

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      Outdoor Chair

      Where can I find it? I’ve looked up the National Camp Standards as well and am still lost.

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      As Paul mentions below. You are not going to find a national document with this stipulation.
      This is a local decision, and how much you can negotiate around it depends on if it was laid down by the cabin owner (if not on a scout camp), ranger, campmaster, or your council’s camping committee.

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    You “were told”… by whom? Lots of people cite “policy” while there is no written BSA policy to support what “they” insist is “official”. What they are actually saying is, “this is how we have always done it.”

    “2 deep leadership” does not mean “2 adults at all times”. It means no 1-on-1 contact.
    And the “number of required adults” you cite is not for “sleeping”, it is for the “outing” as a whole.

    Sleep & Bathroom guidelines are clearly spelled out on page 11 of the G2SS. Note that the G2SS does not mention “cabin camping” or “hotel/motel” lodging as the Guidelines apply WHEREVER you go.

    IF you are sharing sleeping facilities with youth, then you should have 2 adults in the cabin as a good rule of thumb (that’s not “official” policy, but common sense). But there’s nothing that prevents the boys from sleeping in their own cabin, although you should be mindful of the policy that calls for separating boys greater than 2 years in age difference… meaning that in an isolated cabin or hotel room, you don’t want a (singular) 12 year old bunking with the 15+ guys. Obviously a “group” scenario, like the whole troop fitting in 1 cabin, is a “safe” environment since there is lots of “visibility” among the boys. The spirit of 2-Deep is to ELIMINATE OPPORTUNITIES where inappropriate behavior (or false accusations) can take place.

    Co-ed outings must provide separate sleeping & bathroom facilities (or times) by gender.

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