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    Why no thread on the impending Bankruptcy filing?

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    Can anyone confirm costs on Bechtel? Is it true that the cost is close to the total BSA endowment? Some articles out there claim such.


    “Costs are rising. Initially budgeted at $176 million through 2013, the Summit’s cost is now estimated to reach at least $350 million by the end of this year and $439 million by the end of 2015”

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    really no comments?

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    Doug Witkowski

    ‘…Why no thread on the impending Bankruptcy filing?…”

    Yes. I am wondering why their is a general lack of transparency. All I see is a continuous stream of information from sources I either don’t trust or that I can’t verify claimed facts. The source that I looking for information from has just clammed-up.

    The lowly adult leader remains just a “mushroom in a darkened cave”.

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    Scott Fergusson

    The most important topic in decades and there is virtually nothing from national. I don’t they know that nature abhors a vacuum and if they don’t start talking soon the narrative will already be set. I read an article today that stated that the Boy Scouts should just fade-away

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    On the main post of this issue they aren’t allowing comments. It’s pretty unsettling. I’ve been trying to read as much about this issue and as usual, HQ doesn’t share a lot things and sugar-coats too much.

    The BSA is trying so hard to be everything to everyone all of the time that is is losing its identity.

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      Wee Quay

      It really is none of your business what is going on with the corporate side of things. Please let the management team handle the message and you just keep doing great things for scouts!

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      With all due respect, anything that affects my child and the boys and families is everyone’s business. I work for those people and when they are stressed over hearing yet another piece of drama in the BSA it would be nice to have some insight. I have gotten used to the blind-sided announcements over the years from the “management team”.

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    Doug Witkowski

    Thank you for your honesty, candor, and calm demeanor. As someone who is also seeking openness and transparency, I respect your opinion.
    Maybe ongoing litigation is impacting communications. However, communications is one of keys to scout leadership. Hope that communications are not lost for long. This would be counter to what I have been taught!

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    All of this has been in footnotes of the last few annual reports. If creditors are to be kept at bay, no other information will be forthcoming.

    If that displeases, I’ve seen plenty of other forums where speculation won’t result in someone citing a misstatement on an official page for a chance to jump ahead of the line.

    For my part, I hope this means we go back to printing black and white cover MBs, and other measures to reduce the costs of literature and materials.

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      When there is a lack of communication, speculation and assumptions will always replace the truth. What is even worse is those that have little to no knowledge of the Scouting program, namely the media, sees this like red meat to a lion as an opportunity to pounce with their misleading stories filled with innuendo and false information.

      It’s quite a lot more fun speaking to potential new families about how wonderful scouting is for the kids and families. Unfortunately, the last several conversations I’ve had with people not familiar with the program has put me in a defensive position being asked to clarify why the scouts are now “co-ed”, the lawsuits, the SJW issues.

      I would love to see the BSA take the offensive and come out with some aggressive ad campaigns with some nice 30 minute infomercials to really tell people what scouting is all about in 2019 rather than hear half-truths from CNN or MSNBC.

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    I would advise you to embrace your mushroom status and not look for things to change any time soon, but my patience is running thin. We went into last year’s summer camp season not knowing how to handle room assignment for transgenders. This year you will plan trips not knowing how insurance coverage will cover you, if at all.

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