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    Our Council is having issues with the date the Boy Scout joins the Unit. If the Unit delays the turning in of the application, the Council uses the date they receive the application. This causes issue when the Scout takes Eagle required merit badges during their first summer camp. If the join date is after summer camp, those merit badges don’t count. When the Scout turns in their Eagle Rank application, those first merit badges are not there. As most Scouts wait til the last moment to complete the requirements for Eagle Scout, they find themselves in trouble. The solution, of course, is simply filling out a new application to correct the old one. This could be avoided if the join date was listed on the individual Scout’s advancement report. It would make the join date visible, allowing future Advancement Chairs to address this sooner. Because this is a national report, the Council’s hands are tied in having this date listed. I don’t understand why this date is so secret, and hidden away from the Leaders and Scouts.

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    All that I can suggest is do your best to take the BS out of the BS of A.
    Encourage your council registrar to accept the date that the unit leader signed the youth application. This should make sense as I’m sure the council took their fees from that date!

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    Right on… the Join Date is the date the Unit Leader signed the Youth Application.

    If your unit and/or your council can’t get paperwork processed on time, or at least turned-in in a timely manner… find someone else do to the job. If it impacts 1 boy, it’s an issue. If it happens over and over, its a SYSTEMIC FAILURE that should not be tolerated.

    We had similar issues. During re-charter, we’ve had to drive our roster down and sit with the DE and walk through, name by name, to make sure “downtown” gets our official roster (and bill) right. DEMAND the time of the “paid professional” and it won’t be long before “somebody” learns how (or is assigned) to un-clog the plumbing and get things running smoothly.

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