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    Anyone has a good source for oath and law posters? Ours from the 70’s have lived their life an need replacing.

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    Sounds like a service project for one of your 1st Class or Star scouts who hasn’t been assigned a position of responsibility or has had trouble filling the one assigned to him.

    I was never a big fan of posters. But I always liked the hand painted/carved signs, especially the ones on narrow boards that hang one underneath the other.

    Of course, nowadays you might have a scout who could do something similar using a 3-D printer.

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    Though I can’t immediately find it on the http://www.scoutstuff.org website, I think that your Scout Shop should sell a set. I believe they were a supplemental item that sold with the Scoutmaster / Assistant Scoutmaster position-specific training, but it’s been so long I cannot remember where they came from.

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