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    Nicole T

    My Council currently doesn’t have BALOO training on the calendar in 2017. Does anyone know if you can take the training outside of your council? I volunteered to take it so that our pack will have another trained adult.

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    Michael Schenaker

    You can take any BSA training course from any Council/District. Just ensure you bring the signed card representing your completion of the course to your District Training Representative on the District Committee so they can get it logged in.

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    BALOO is BALOO is BALOO. Doesn’t matter which district or council you go to in order to complete the training.

    Like Michael said, get the signed training card. It also helps if you bring with you your BSA ID # and put it on the training roster so the group that records the training can give you proper credit in ScoutNet.

    If it doesn’t show up, one of your Pack’s key three (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Organization Representative) can enter that training for you in MyScouting. Just give them a copy of the training card you receive when you complete BALOO.

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    NOVA Scouter

    Agree with the posts that BALOO can be taken anywhere, in fact ANY scout training can be taken in any district. (I have done this several times due to my work schedule.) HOWEVER, if you go out of your district, YOU are responsible for recording the paperwork proving you took the training. Some advice: take a photo of the documentation with your phone. Then scan the documents and save on your computer in a special training folder. Next, upload the documents to my.scouting.org. NOTE! Scoutbook is local, training is national. If you want to store documents in Scoutbook instead of on your own computer (for example if you don’t have your own computer and are using your work computer or one at a library), that’s fine, but it WILL NOT show up at the national level. For that, you have to upload it to my.scouting. Lastly, just because I believe in backup plans and have been burned more than once on proving I actually took a certain class, email all the documentation to your district training chair. Happy Scouting!

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