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      Our Pack purchased the awards to be presented at a Pack Meeting. Due to a conflict I (the Den Leader) could not attend. The awards were passed to another leader to pass along and never were received on my behalf.

      After inquiring about them to the Advancement Chair I was told to hunt them down. I’ve tried doing that, but can’t locate them. The person that had them also passed them along.

      In addition, our Pack did not award Scouts at B&G, in March or April and only did rank at Crossover.

      So some of my Den is missing up to 8 awards.

      At the time I asked the AC, the Committee Chair was there as well and did not provide a resolution or support.

      Where can I go from here to help my boys receive their awards? We have extremely high dues of $119/year, so I don’t feel I should have to pay out if pocket.

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      As a Den Leader, the Cubmaster is your direct line of support. You should go to the Cubmaster and ask for help getting the awards to be presented to the youth.

      If you still don’t get resolution, let the parents of your den know the current status, and suggest that as a group you all attend the next Pack Committee meeting to inquire about the status of their sons receiving their earned advancements and what the committee will be doing to resolve this issue.

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