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    Jim S

    Should Assistant Scoutmasters be expected to attend Patrol Leader Conferences?

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    Nothing bars an ASM from attending. I guess it all comes down to the roles of the ASMs in your troop.

    In our troop, we have designated jobs for the ASMs. Some focus on supervising the “First Year” program, others focus on the PLC, another’s job is to make sure youth Instructors are prepared to teach 1-2 weeks from now.

    Is there a hidden message here? Is there a reason you don’t want an ASM to attend the PLC?

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    I’m an ASM and sit in on our PLC. But, I have also been a crew advisor for 10 years and gained a lot of practice keeping my mouth shut.

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    Ted Miller

    Technically only the SM is part of the PLC. The less adults you have the more scout led you will be. It makes sense for the ASM to attend if he wishes to be SM some day and if you need another adult present for YP.

    The ASM should not be an active participant and should only provide advice if called upon by the SM or if he has been given previous approval.

    If the scouts can’t lead their own PLC without 2 adults helping then you need to work on training them to do so. Let the SM guide where needed and all other sdults keep mum.

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      Christopher Schuster

      You still need to follow Youth Protection and provide two-deep leadership.

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    Jay the Antelope

    When my son and I joined the Troop we’re in there were several adults attending the PLC. It was a mess! Their meetings took way too long. They often left grumbling and things really started to be less Scout led.

    Once the SM changed, he met with the ASMs and the group decided that it would be best to remove all but the SM. Some adults have points and presentations built into their agenda now.
    The unit is about as what used to be called “boy lead” as you’d hope for in a unit. The PLC is rolling and it’s been a lot more fun to be an adult leader in the unit.
    Get the adults out of the room! It’s their meeting! No matter what, you’ve got to let them DO IT, even if they do it wrong.

    The beauty of Scouting is that they can safely fail and all they do is learn from it. As they age and things are more and more critical on their transcripts/resumes, we still have the only controlled environment where we can help them learn at the highest levels. Take each and every opportunity to enjoy it.

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    Yes, they should be expected to attend but for informational and observational purposes only. Fewer things will get lost in translation if they hear what the scouts are planning directly, but they need to know the role they are to play and remain silent unless things get out of hand. Since all of your ASMs should already be trained in letting the scouts lead the troop with as little interference as possible, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you have an ASM who just can’t help but get directly involved, don’t invite that ASM and limit their exposure to the troop until they correct their behavior.

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    New committee chair

    Our PLCs the SM and the ASM attend. Adults keep their mouths closed for the most part and after the first bit of listing to each of the patrol leaders reports the SM gives the SPL directions for which weeks they are to plan. All the Adults then exit the room and allow the SPL to conduct the SPL meeting. They plan the following months meetings, and any camping trips to be done for that month. Then address the SM and the ASMs who are have their own meeting with the Scoutmaster. SM then directs the SPL if more information is required for the upcoming schedule.
    It’s a great opportunity for the SM and the ASMs to meet and discuss their patrols and plan for rank advancement but be there for the boys if needed.

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    Kurt Lofton

    Please, please, please, only the Scoutmaster and the members of the PLC should be in the PLC meeting.

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