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    If our charter organization is not comfortable with allowing transgender boys (born biological females) into their male only cub scout and male only boy scout units, are they in danger of losing their charter by not allowing these youth into their organizations? Follow up question: Would these units be allowed to require a copy of a birth certificate before acceptance is granted?

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    On a similar note, we DO have a family scouting den, and don’t think there would be an issue with our charter org, but if a transgender child were to ask to apply, which den would we enroll them in? And is there a process if one were to declare they identified as a different gender mid-year?
    While this hasn’t come up yet, there was one child hovering near our open house table who I suspect didn’t come up to talk to us because of these concerns. If I knew the answers, I would feel a lot more comfortable reaching out.

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      which den would we enroll them in?

      The one that matches their self-proclaimed gender.

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    BSA Transgender Chartered Organization Considerations

    Q. How does this impact religious organizations who sponsor Scouting?
    A. While religious partners will continue to have the right to make decisions based on religious beliefs, we will work with families to find local Scouting units that are the best fit for their children. If a religious organization declines to accept a youth or adult application based on their religious beliefs, they should notify the council so that a unit open to accepting the individual can be offered as an option.

    Q. Will non-religious chartered organizations be allowed to determine eligibility?
    A. As with all Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops, volunteer leadership of each unit determines their ability to provide a safe and effective program for the youth who seek membership. Further, decisions made regarding participant eligibility are made according to the national requirements – not at the local council or unit level – which do not discriminate with respect to gender identity. If a unit does not think it can offer a safe and positive environment for these youth members, then BSA local councils will help facilitate locating units that can provide for the welfare and best interest of the child.

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    If the CO isn’t comfortable with it, and the pack wishes to proceed, then the CO can pull the charter and the pack will need to go elsewhere. By now, this should already be a matter settled by the CO, meaning the CO has either pulled the charter over this issue or is comfortable with it. The pack would be on shaky ground if the only reason they are denying membership was this issue. As for requiring a birth certificate, I understand packs must accept what is written on the application.

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