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    A lot of boys simply sell pizza at troop meetings to get generate Eagle project funds.

    Although not very creative, can his project be denied for this reason? (It’s happened a few times in our district)


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    When you say “denied”, I assume you mean at his initial meeting with the committee to present his project for initial approval, yes? I will elaborate below on the need for “uniqueness” in an Eagle Project, so with that topic in mind, I could see a project not being approved if he’s doing the “same ol thing” that everyone else has done. Remember, earning Eagle is based on him being a LEADER, not a “repeater”.

    The Project is his demonstration of “leadership ability”. While the BSA says there is “no set amount of hours” required for an Eagle Project, WHAT WE WANT TO SEE is a project that is “challenging” enough that he must demonstrate Eagle-level leadership; soliciting the project from the beneficiary, project planning, organizing his labor (himself and at least 2 others), managing his workforce when they’re onsite, managing the project, and doing all the paperwork to track & report.

    As said above, to be “challenging”, I strongly advocate for “originality” (for him) in project ideas so that he’s not merely repeating what he saw others do. So yes, “selling pizza” was a great funding idea for Eagle Scout #1. It’s a weak idea for Eagle Scout #2 and even worse for #3, or #4…

    A Scout should have no problems finding a project (in all aspects) that will be unique enough to be HIS personal challenge. Remember, it’s NOT about “the work”, it’s about HOW the work gets done! That’s the difference between a “community service” project and an “Eagle Project”.

    So bravo to anyone who is pushing these young men to step up their game and not simply repeat what others did before them. Expect excellence, and the boys will rise to deliver it!

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